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idk what to pu there atm

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Feedback of PUBG Private VIP

Update 1: 4/11/2018 I was recently informed that the hack is in English, I will be testing again in the near future. 

Review of PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds Private VIP As of 4/10/2018

Now, I've only got this hack for a day, so I have not used all the hacks features but I've used most of it.

First of all, the hack is all in Chinese so there is a process in the #tutorial-settings in PUBG server on Discord to help you out. 

Even the items are the Chinese so you might have a hard time of telling what is what. Only the weapons are in English (more like letters). Lucky I do speak Chinese so I could tell what most of the Drops/Items were. 

The menu is also in Chinese, but some are translated into English, again, in the #tutorial-settings. This could also be some trouble for most people,

Now onto the hacks itself, the hack is not made by VE (I believe) and is made by a Chinese coder which explains all the Chinese. I'm not sure why all Pubg hacks are so expensive but imo, this was not worth for me (I bought a day just to try it out) I'd rather not spend $85 on PUBG hacks (this is coming from someone who has Permanent VIP on Virtual Evolution, forgot how much... and the Master Package, $240 on another site). 

ESP/Cham/Walls - 7/10 - This only has the basics like 2D box, Health, Distance, which was really helpful. I have no clue about coding so I wont be talking about that but the ESP has everything I really needed,

Drops/Items - 5/10 - This is very very confusing, even for a Chinese speaker like me. The hack menu has everything from level 1 to level 3, and is color coded but is Kinda helpful. But for everyone else, you just kinda have to go around, but Red means level 3... I tried to filter it by only levels but that didn't seem to work (again, I only had the hack for a day). 5/10 for the filterable items. hard to tell which one still

Aimbot - 7/10 - very noticeable, even when I try to closet. This is because of the death cam. Everyone of my kills with Aimbot on is very noticeable in Death Cam. This is running aimbot with my right mouse, I have not tried left. The aim is good, pretty accurate, 2 out of 3 shots would hit where it is set to. 

Over all, the hack itself is really good, i like it. I haven't tried any other but this version does satisfy me but not for the price. 

The language barrier is a problem even for me. but if you take the time to learn which is which then this version of the hack is pretty good.
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: Makaralar:: D

ESP/Cham/Walls - 7/10 - This only has the basics like 2D box, Health, Distance, which was really helpful. I have no clue about coding so I wont be talking about that but the ESP has everything I really needed,Smile

RE: PUBG Özel VIP Geri Bildirimi

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